Does anyone else find it strange that FWC is being so quiet about the new deer rules??

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Does anyone else find it strange that FWC is being so quiet about the new deer rules??

Post by blackpowderscout » Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:39 pm ... anges.html

I've found very little about the February meeting except from a small handful of sites, the link above being one. This meeting was one of the most monumental meetings in Florida hunting history based on the changes, only some of which I've quoted below and yet there is very little talk about it on the few sites I'm on. Granted I do not have a social media profile and I am limited in my intake I guess, but I figured I'd have heard more from my friends and yet it seems I'm the one spreading the word to them.

I fully support the changes. I'm excited to see what this state can produce after about 3 years under these rules combined with recent changes over the last few years. I know it will anger some folks, but long term I know this is a positive step for Florida hunters. Folks who want meat who only hunt public land can finally stop chasing the unicorn known as doe tags. Combined with the antler rule, more of those young 2 1/2 year old deer will walk and I believe some really nice deer will start showing up on the books. I've used a very similar reporting system out of state and have zero complaints about it. I think we'll finally start to get some numbers that are more accurate than what the overworked and underpaid biologists in this state lead us to believe. They are very few and far between and I don't trust their numbers. For any species.

But I'm scratching my head at why the FWC has been so quiet about it.

Here's an excerpt:

"Establishes a deer harvest reporting system
•Hunters required to report their own harvest within 24 hours of harvest and prior to transferring possession of a harvested deer. After using their telephone or any internet connection to report, hunters will receive a confirmation number to record on a paper harvest log (if used) or to be saved automatically on their smartphone.
•Available 24 hours a day
•Multiple ways of reporting will be available, including options for hunters with no access to cellular or internet connections.

Establishes an annual bag limit of 5 deer, of which no more than 2 can be antlerless, per hunter.
•Commission directed staff to report back in 3 years with bag limit evaluation.
•This rule change is a response to stakeholder input.
•Deer harvested under the following programs are excluded from the bag limit - Deer depredation permit program, Private Lands Deer Management Program, Antlerless Deer Permit Program"
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Re: Does anyone else find it strange that FWC is being so quiet about the new deer rules??

Post by treefarmer » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:06 am

I followed this a while back on the FWC web site and read the points you have posted and I suppose I'm not knowledgeable or maybe not smart enough to comment on what benefit they will be. You feel there will be more record book deer and that seems to be the motivator, bigger deer. I suppose that is okay and with the antler restrictions put in place, certainly most of the spikes will have a chance. Anymore at my age, I'm just happy with a legal deer, if old big boy comes by, that's fine or if his little brother comes by that's fine too. Just have to remember what side of I-10 we are on here in Zone D, then we have to look in the book and see what's legal north or south of the interstate.
I can remember when Florida had a 3 deer limit, back in the 60's and early 70's. A 5 deer limit should not be a problem for folks that are law abiding citizens. The 5 deer limit will not stop the few market hunters that still operate. The FWC used to send out a survey at the end of the season and ask for information concerning the years hunt: how many days did you hunt, how many deer did you kill, etc. This was probably mailed to a small percentage of license holders and then some estimates and averages were produced to have an idea of hunter success state wide. They may still do this I just haven't had to buy a license for the last 7 years and haven't received the survey.
When I read about the reporting requirements I wondered if the FWC is trying to be like a lot of northern states, next they will require tags and then the deer will have to be transported to a FWC location to be checked, just like a management area hunt. All the rules and such make me a bit leary as a new set of rules will continue to produce more new sets of rules. Then some other agency will want to know what firearm you used and then we head down another trail.......I suppose I'm just a suspicious old man who thinks good folks will do right and bad folks will continue their wrong path no matter what the rules and regulations say and that our government is prone to fail us even more.
Sorry about runnin' the rabbit off to the side of your main thought, new deer rules.

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Re: Does anyone else find it strange that FWC is being so quiet about the new deer rules??

Post by HCON3 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:04 am

waiting to see how they FWC plays with the new limits. Can live with the 5 deer limit since it has been 3 yrs since my last deer with the antler restrictions. twenty nine days in chass last year and no legal deer seen (80 does and 2spikes) for the season. Afraid they the powers that be are going to play with their new regs they passed on going to be the same way they played with fishing rules and regs so will just have to wait and see what actually comes of the 5 deer per person.

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