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Post by Cr0ck1 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:12 am

Notice to all my FOHAF family.

If anyone here has a problem with any other member here I would appreciate if you could shoot them a pm and try to settle the disagreement on your own first. If that don't work then CONTACT ME! It is also an OPEN FORUM so as long as you are respectful and do not use foul language your feelings can be heard and directly to them on a thread that you feel they were acting in appropriate on or said a comment that insulted you.

I get a lot of HERSAY about this person said this and this person said that. Look the only way to be heard to have a potential problem taken care of is TO PM ME!! Let me know how you are feeling. Maybe a MODERATOR got out of line with you or you feel like you were unfairly treated or disrespected. PM ME! CONTACT ME!

I don't want to lose members because they feel like they were disrespected or treated unfairly. If you ever decide that the forum has been an unsatisfactory experience for you please LET ME KNOW!

Remember when you get more then 2 people in a group you will always get a disagreement or issue of character.

Like I've been told "You CAN satisfy Most of the people all the time, but you CANT satisfy All the people ALL the time"

I can press buttons!

Thank you!




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