The Rules.

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The Rules.

Post by Cr0ck1 » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:54 pm

Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Remember that there are youngsters here also so we need to show respect.

-No Cursing.
-No Disrespecting.
-No Religious Bashing.
-No Nudity what so ever.
-No bashing where people are from or races. ever.
-No posting HUGE pictures. Please make them a normal size or i will send you a pm telling you to make them a little smaller.
-No huge avatars. All avatars must be no larger then 150x150
-NO posting pics of any over slot fish unless you plan on putting it back in the water.
-No posting pics of any illegal hunting or activities on this forum. It is illegal and not the way of Good Hunters.
-Hunt in season and respect all the laws of the FWC.
-Anyone who Singles out someone and bashes them will be warned after that you know what happens.

Its basically common sence. Ill update this as i need to but just come here have fun, meet new people, and show respect for everyone.!

If a member posts up a question that you dont approve of just dont answer it. Alot of people are new to hunting and fishing and Dont know the basics yet.

NO ADVERTISING any of your personal commercial products, businesses, other forums, or nothing with out my permission.YOU MUST BE A PAID MEMBER/CONTRIBUTER TO ADVERTISE HERE. YOU MUST ASK ME BEFORE YOU DO ANY ADVERTISING ON MY SITE> If we can work something out then ill grant you access to post in the small business directory and put your company in your sig.


-C r0ck 1

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