Starting a new Hunting project

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Re: Starting a new Hunting project

Post by tap1912 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:28 am

Yeh i am real happy with it. It seem to work well. It is a little small, But it makes you have to be resonable with what you bring. like I said we had 4 people in truck and the only thing in the back of truck was coolers and other odd and ends. the best part of it when we get to the motel we reserv a room on ground floor and park in front of the room and let down the jacks in the rear and raise the front to stableize, take out all the luggage and bows and keep the coolers in the trailers and extra stuff. The house cleaning ladies really appreciate it. Yous could just imagine 4 adults with huntin equimpent dirty clothes and collers full of deer meat in a small Motel room we have had a few not very nice notes from house cleaning. If you do get one I would definately recoment the rack on the top it holds almost as much as the trailer. last year we had 5 goliath treestands one small huntin box deer crane game cart and one ladder stand just on the rack.

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Re: Starting a new Hunting project

Post by DONY1 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:37 am

That's the 1st thing I'll be puting on if I get it. I like to go on these quota hunts and it will be nice for the weekend trips and to my island hunt. I've already got a tongue box sitting in my office that I'd put on.

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