bird taxidermy question

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bird taxidermy question

Post by swissk31 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:54 pm

I got a great condition, road killed bobcat from last winter. No road rubs,perfect hair. I bought a dvd on how to mount it and it will be my first attempt. I was really liking the bobcat mounts that have a quail or duck in them. Does anyone know the duck rules, I heard a duck carcass can be gifted as long as no money was exchanged to someone that does not duck hunt and does not have a federal duck stamp. I know a taxidermist has to have a tag with the hunters info on the duck while he is in possession of a duck doing the work. So I am not sure, may have to go with a quail. If anyone knows for sure, I am a little confused by what I have read about it.

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