Shrimping once again

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Shrimping once again

Post by Bossman » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:06 pm

I Told Sam a buddy of mine that I'd like to make another trip shrimping if possible. He Call Thursday and we decided that the wind was going to be to bad and that it would be worth the trouble trying it. Friday the weather reports looked a little better so we decided to give it a try. Sam told me to be at his house at 5:00pm so I get off work at 2:00 and leave the house at 2:55. I'm a basket case by this time, because I pull it up on my phone and it says the it will take 2:06. That would put me arriving there one minute after and that is time crunching for me. I look and I need to get gas great, now I will be late. I know my way to Sam's place now but I have it plugged in on my phone anyway. and now it tells me that due to traffic it will be 5:30 before I get there. I'm thinking great but the traffic doesn't seem any different to me. As I get to Barberville the phone tell me that there is a traffic accident on I 95 southbound and offers a different route that will get me to Sam's by 5:05. I'm like sweet I'll take it! I wound up getting to Sam's about 5:07 and worked out great. (phone are amazing) I was bragging to Sam about my phone and we got all of my stuff loaded up and took off to Oak Hill. We were about half way there and I'm like oh crap! my phone? Sam was like did you forget your phone you have got to have your phone you've got to call Ken and Myrna. So we had to turn around and go back to the house and get my phone. Finally back at the house I got the phone and Sam tells me to call Ken to see where he might be. Ken said that he was about 20 minutes away. As we turn in at Oak Hill Ken and Myrna was turning in from the other direction. Once the Boats were launched we headed to our spot early so we could get there before someone else might get it. When we got there nobody was there so we set the anchors and started setting up. Ken and Myrna set up in front of us and Gatortrout19 was off our stern. We had set the frame net out and the lights all set up ready to go. Sam had just sat down and said all we have to do is wait for dark. Then all of a sudden Sam says "is that a Barge?" I Said "Yes it is!" Then it was panic mode, we had to we had to pull everything in and get out of the way for this big barge to come by. Once he passed by we tried to reposition and anchor back like we were. It took us over an hour to get anchored again and it wasn't in as good of a spot as before. We finally get everything back out and start shrimping. I was shrimping the back and Sam had the front. We would dip and I told Sam that I thought that I was getting more shrimp in the back of the boat. We shift the boat down about a boat length down and it made all the difference in the world. Most of the shrimp were running deep and the frame net did most of the work for us. If it wasn't for the frame net we wouldn't have got out limit. When we got back to Oak Hill ramp there was this guy in a nice boat that dropped off someone at the dock to go get the truck and he got sideways and threw it in reverse and hit the gas. Ran right into this other boat sitting at the other dock. All the guy said was "OH SORRY DUDE" Really? We caught a little bit of everything in the net I dipped a seahorse and we caught 2 mantis Shrimp.
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Re: Shrimping once again

Post by treefarmer » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:15 pm

Wow, another bucket full, a great catch!
The Mantis Shrimp is a new one to me, never heard of them.
I haven't been shrimping in over 55 years, we used to go somewhere on the south side of the Haulover Canal and dip a few from the bank at night with the help of a Coleman lantern. I'm sure that country has changed so much I wouldn't recognize any of it. The history of the Haulover Canal is quite interesting.
My mother-in-laws family lived on the Cape when she was born in 1923. The gov't. paid them $20 per acre for their old home place. Yeah, things have changed alot.

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Re: Shrimping once again

Post by Cr0ck1 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:41 am

Damn man you tearing it up!! love me some shrimp!!!!!

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