N.E. FL Still Hunt Club Looking for New Member for 2019/2020 Season

Is your Lease looking for Members? Or are you Looking for a GOOD lease? If so and you have a good lease, Post your openings here to see if any members are looking for a lease or want to join!

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N.E. FL Still Hunt Club Looking for New Member for 2019/2020 Season

Post by jtnau » Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:27 pm

3 Bs Hunting Club
375+/- acre club in Bradford County, FL, near Starke looking for responsible/mature 4th member for 2019/2020 season. Other three members = father, son, and son-in-law. Still hunting only. Deer, hogs, turkey. Cost is $1455 for period covering 5/15/2019 thru 5/15/2020. Payment is due in full by 5/10/19. It may seem high, but that is what it is. I make no money off of this club. I divide the total annual lease costs by the number of members and that is per member cost.

Not a lot of silly club rules. See below.
1. Be safe!!! No guns and alcohol.
2. Abide by state hunting laws.
3. Abide by lease agreement.
4. Respect our club & other members.

If you cannot agree to these rules, don’t bother. If you join and break any of these, you will leave with no refund of payment.

If interested contact me at jtnau@bellsouth.net.

Closes 5/10/2019

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