Alternative Beretta 9000s .40 S&W mags

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Alternative Beretta 9000s .40 S&W mags

Post by GoodOyster » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:06 am

I had bought a Beretta 900s .40 cal a few months ago. Pretty sweet little pistol, but the guy I bought it from only had 1 mag for it. I didn't think much of, I mean how hard is it to find magazines (several months ago!)? Well, this model only had a short run, and I couldn't find the mags for it anywhere! Then I read that they had made an adapter so that the 90 series mags would work in it. But I couldn't find those either! Well, that kept nagging me - what kind of adapter would it take, and was there any chance of fabricating something or modifying a 90 series mag to work?

I kind of set the pistol aside, and didn't think about it much, but then about 2 weeks ago I decided to see what I could do, and started looking up info on the mags - pictures, parts diagrams, etc. I couldn't see any functional difference in the 9000s mags and the 96 mags, so I decided to try to get a 96 mag and give it a try. Found a 10 round one on GunsAmerica for $20 (shipped) from a guy out in Iowa. It came in Friday's mail. Fits perfect, shoots just fine! Even has the same "Made in Italy" markings, etc. The only difference is the 9000s has a little finger extension on the bottom of the mag, kinf of like the PX Storm has, I think.

I had called Beretta, and emailed them, and they had flat-out told me that there wasn't an alternative model mag that would fit the 9000s. Well, now I know better! Think I'm gonna buy a couple of the 20 round mags, just because I still can!
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Re: Alternative Beretta 9000s .40 S&W mags

Post by Goozzlenoid » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:02 pm

Does the magazine fit flush? In having the same problem finding a magazine.

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