Largest bear ever trapped in Florida

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Re: Largest bear ever trapped in Florida

Post by Hogtrapper » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:52 am

P'duck wrote:In no or of this I thinking gonna pull out a hind quarter, trim off all the fat and put the bear on the smoker. I'm down to one hind quarter and sure wish Florida would open a season as I have three bear hunts planned for next season and one this spring but we can't get enough bear meat!
The tree huggers and the biologist of the FWC protect their bears. I'm on a lease in Taylor County and the FWC brings all the problem Bears out there and kicks them loose. Believe me there's no shortage of bears in this state. I even have them crapping behind my trailer in our hunt camp and also pigs and bears run through camp when nobody's there.Not that it is a problem.

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